Tap Room’s $10,000 Donation to IGHL at Smile Farms

Strengthening Bonds with Kinexion and Embracing Community
At Tap Room, we’re not just about great food and drinks but also about championing causes that resonate with our values. We’re overjoyed to share our recent donation of $10,000 to IGHL at Smile Farms, further solidifying our commitment and collaboration with our partner, Kinexion.

Our CEO, James Bonanno, presenting the donation check to IGHL at Smile Farms. A symbol of unity and shared purpose.
Our CEO, James Bonanno, presenting the donation check to IGHL at Smile Farms. A symbol of unity and shared purpose.

Kinexion: Building Bridges of Opportunity:
Our partnership with Kinexion has always been centered around empowering communities. Kinexion oversees a laudable network of organizations, like IGHL, dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our relationship with IGHL epitomizes the shared objective of crafting inclusive opportunities and experiences.

IGHL and Smile Farms: Cultivating Dreams and Fostering Success:
IGHL exemplifies dedication by providing lifelong support and pioneering services for individuals with disabilities. Through the revenue-generating campuses of Smile Farms, IGHL provides an environment where individuals, many experiencing employment for the first time, can grow, contribute, and thrive.

The Essence of Our Donation:
This $10,000 gesture goes beyond monetary support; it echoes Tap Room’s dedication to the community-driven endeavors championed by Kinexion and its affiliates. It’s a step forward to enhance the reach and positive impact of Smile Farms, ensuring every cultivated plant and flower carries a message of hope, dedication, and collaboration.

A Partnership Rooted in Trust and Vision:
Our collaboration with Smile Farms at IGHL, brought together by Kinexion, has introduced dishes adorned with fresh cilantro, parsley, and lettuce from the farms. Beyond the delightful flavors, it’s a symbol of our shared ethos – championing inclusivity and fostering positive community evolution.

Volunteering with Purpose: At Tap Room, our dedication extends beyond financial contributions. Our incredible staff volunteer their time, driven not by obligation, but by a profound passion to connect and create real change. These individuals invest hours into IGHL’s Day Habilitation programs, exchanging smiles, sharing heartfelt stories, and offering unwavering support. This hands-on involvement ensures we cultivate deep, enduring relationships, paving the way for a more cohesive and inclusive community.

Dining at Tap Room offers more than just a culinary journey; it’s an immersion into our dedication to Kinexion, IGHL, and the broader community vision. As our patrons savor the flavors, they are woven into a tale of unity, empowerment, and change. With endeavors like these, Tap Room envisions a harmonious blend of business and community coming together for shared aspirations.

P.S. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal guests. Your unwavering support allows us to push our culinary boundaries and back initiatives with transformative potential, like those presented by Kinexion and IGHL at Smile Farms. Together, let’s celebrate the joy of making a difference.