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Upstream is an ever-growing hospitality group that has a wide variety of tastes with a common theme holding them all together: creativity, progression, and originality. When going against the current (upstream) you set yourself apart from the rest, and that is what we strive to do in the most positive way.

Forming in 2019, the Upstream Hospitality Group parent company was created to join it’s businesses together under one umbrella to create not just a group, but a large integrated family. Upstream Hospitality Group is comprised of thirteen locations across many brands including Tap Room, Bango Bowls, Salt Shack, OVerlook, The Boat Yard and Surf Shack. All residing in the state of NY with most on Long Island. It is not uncommon to see our employees working at more than one of our many locations, giving our loyal customer base familiar faces to look forward to seeing all year round.

Upstream Hospitality Group includes something for everyone, whether you want to go to Tap Room to watch the big game or escape to the beach at Boat Yard to feel like you are on a tropical vacation. On the go and want a quick cold brew or açai bowl? Bango Bowls is the way to go!

Whether it be a new location or a new concept, one thing for sure is that there will always be something new to look forward to!

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