Feeding Local School Faculties

Tap Room Having Second Annual “Feed the School Faculty”

Tap Room has always sought to create and nurture meaningful relationships with the communities we serve. That’s why last year we decided to give back to the one of the most important groups who have bravely helped lead us through COVID… our teachers!

“Feed the Faculty,” started as a local initiative where we invited our patrons to nominate a school of their choice where we would feed the ENTIRE school faculty. In just a few days we were overwhelmed with nominations. Instead of picking just one school, we chose a school for each of our three Tap Room locations.

The success of this campaign was overwhelmingly positive and we have decided to do it again for the 2021 school year which begins in the coming weeks.

Help us feed the entire staff at a school of your choice by making a nomination on social media through the Tap Room closest to the school.

Nominate by Location (Scroll for locations)

Massapequa Park


Bay Shore